Invest YYC Spotlight: Play On Wheels

There are plans to turn a 16-foot long, four-horse trailer into a portable play pavilion. It's a clever idea and this InvestYYC campaign will help make it happen.

Antyx Community Arts and Aspen will work with youth, artists and the Greater Forest Lawn community to brainstorm ideas on how to use the trailer as a vehicle to increase community engagement and interactions. Once all of the ideas have percolated, the group will use salvaged materials to transform the trailer into a new kind of "playground." It will be unveiled at artBOX on 17E before being moved to Beakerhead's Little Big Street in September. Since the whole point is that it is on wheels, expect to see Play on Wheels rolling around to different locations of the city.

The group is looking for funds, but you can also donate materials, time and creative input.

Learn more and donate is an exciting new crowdfunding website designed to assist local artists and non-profit arts, culture and heritage organizations by creating a space where their strongest, most inspiring work can be supported by people like you. Make a meaningful gift of time or money to support creativity in Calgary!

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